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PWC Philadelphia provides great opportunities for members to get more involved by joining a committee. We have six committees helping to shape PWC Philadelphia. Learn more below!

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DEI Committee

As women in a historically male-dominated industry, PWC members are uniquely positioned to recognize disparate treatment and undertake efforts to grow a more diverse workforce throughout the AEC industry. Participation by a multitude of underrepresented voices and perspectives – women of color, LGBTQ, WMBE, people with disabilities – is critical to the vitality, growth, and efficacy of PWC.

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Joining Committee

Joining Committee’s mission is to encourage women and allies of women within the construction industry to become a member of PWC Philadelphia.

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Learning Committee

Learning designs and presents four marquee programs each year that highlight professionals throughout the AEC industry, provide a platform for women to share their stories, and engage the larger community on issues that impact the industry-at-large.

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Growing Committee

Growing Committee provides an environment where members can share their collective experiences in a supportive, safe, setting in order to better navigate transitions, opportunities and challenges in their careers.

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Connecting Committee

Connecting Committee’s goal is to make connections with other organizations that will embrace PWC Philadelphia’s mission to mentor women in career and professional development.

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Giving Committee

Giving Committee supports the chapter’s mission of offering a community of dynamic and diverse professional women that provides an opportunity for connection and involvement, through financial support from industry partners.

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Storytelling Committee

Storytelling Committee serves two primary roles for PWC Philadelphia: tell the story of the organization to our members, and tell the stories of our members to the world.

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Job Board

PWC Philadelphia is excited to share the following job opportunities at several of our member's firms...

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PWC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1980. Contributions are tax deductible.

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