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Member Spotlight – Meet Illyana Bass


August 11, 2022

Meet Illyana Bass.

Illyana is an architecture student at Drexel University, Designer at Stantec, and self-taught artist. Architecture felt like the perfect mix for Illyana. “It allows me to be a practicing artist while using my mental muscles”, she shares. Being able to express herself artistically is important. When she isn’t at work, she is still creating – some of her favorite techniques being oil paint and pastels.

At Drexel University as an architecture student, your last 3 years of school consist of going to class while working full time in your field. That means when Illyana graduates, she will have 3 years of experience as designer.

Illyana’s passion for her work is evident. So evident, that her program director sponsored her for the PWC scholarship, which she went on to win. After being introduced to PWC, Illyana was voted on to the Board as the student representative.  Illyana became even more involved by joining the DEI committee where she has made a difference in our event programs and participating in our monthly meetings. She finds that the most important parts of being in PWC are being able to make connections, allowing different people to come together, sharing experiences with others.

Throughout her career, Illyana wants to influence the community and represent those who have less of a voice in construction. A dream of hers would be to open a public art space that would allow kids the ability to experiment with art and creativity.

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