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PWC Philadelphia Event Recap – Connecting the Dots: Understanding Industry Roles


March 11, 2019

On Tuesday, February 26th, the Philadelphia Chapter of PWC had our first event of 2019, Connecting the Dots: Understanding Industry Roles. Based on feedback from our members, we created an event designed to better understand our professional connections and the various parts each person plays in taking a project from initial concept and land-use development, through design and engineering, to ground-breaking and completion. We heard from owners, contractors, business developers, engineers, architects and lawyers in our field throughout the fun and interactive program. The evening program progressed from a brief panel discussion into break-out sessions, which provided in-depth, small group discourse on each stage of the project process. The break-out sessions were designed so you could delve deeper into the various roles of the panelists in an approach like speed-dating – moving from your choice of several different group areas where attendees were able to ask questions in a more intimate setting to obtain a comprehensive understanding of each panelist’s part of the industry.

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