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PWC Philadelphia Member Spotlight: Meet Natalie Miovski Hagerty, AIA, LEED AP, EDAC, SSGBC


May 6, 2019

Natalie Miovski Hagerty was raised in a home with an architect father – a career she never envisioned for herself. Then one day, she found herself visiting a family member in the hospital. The room was (ironically) inhospitable. The waiting room was isolated and cold. Natalie knew at that moment that there should be more to healthcare and decided that she would make a difference. For Natalie, improving the patient, family, and staff hospital experience begins with advanced healthcare design.

Natalie studied and received her degree in architecture and focused on healthcare environments from the very beginning. She started as an architectural intern in New York City and about 16 years ago joined a national architecture firm based in Philadelphia, where she spent 12 years. She quickly climbed the ranks and became the National Healthcare Director, where she led large-scale healthcare projects for many of the largest and most prominent healthcare providers. In 2013, she was named the first ever Healthcare Design Rising Star by the Center for Health Design and Healthcare Design Magazine

Following this success, Natalie joined Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where she currently serves as Director of Facilities Planning and Design. In this role, she works closely with internal, multi-disciplinary project teams, including families, patients and front-line providers, as well as external design and construction teams, to create environments conducive to healing for both patients and their families. These teams are carefully chosen to align with CHOP’s passion for increasing safety, outcomes, and improving the patient, family and staff experience.

PWC is yet another opportunity for Natalie to work with like-minded people, passionate about improving the environment around them – whether it be through design and construction or mentoring. “For me, diversity encompasses more than gender; it includes race, beliefs, education, social status, and much more. I love that this organization affords everyone an opportunity to be exposed to a diverse group of influential women in the design and construction industry,” shared Natalie. “I love the aspect of mentoring and being mentored – leading AND learning in an industry where many women don’t have a voice.”

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